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Who We Are

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation that serves first responders throughout the state of Arizona, our goal is to assist them by properly connecting these agencies to donors, sponsors, grants and fund raising efforts. We noticed a significant need, long ago, that first responder organizations were challenged by tight budgets to perform their safety tasks at the desired level to protect the public they serve. Their budget restraints restricted them from crucial additional purchases. Some of the first responder organizations we serve are:

  • Police and sheriff’s departments
  • Fire departments
  • Victim assistance programs
  • Canine units
  • Explorer programs
  • Search and rescue
  • Family advocacy programs

With budget restraints they are often times restricted from purchasing much needed tools of their trade. These were extra items, like:

  • Bulletproof vests and firearms
  • Temporary housing for victims of crimes or fires
  • Trained dogs for canine units
  • Equipment for search and rescue workers
  • Specialized education training
  • Furnishings for new sub-stations
  • Fire trucks
  • Etc., the list goes on

Thankfully, through community relationships, we have found that there are like-minded citizens and businesses in the private sector who have similar desires and passions and want to partner together to reach the same goal. The Arizona Public Safety Foundation is the bridge that connects donors with first responder agencies. This is our precise purpose—to connect these two groups by providing them the legal, high integrity, well documented environment that is a perfect fit to reach their partnership. It was upon this premise that our foundation was formed in 2007.

In summary, here is what our foundation provides both parties:
1. A registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization status.
2. A proper financial vehicle that allows for tax deductions status.
3. Financial integrity, by tracking of all income and expenses, using standard accounting methods.
4. Assurance that withdrawals are authorized and consistent with the purpose for which the gift was intended.
5. A volunteer governing board that oversees a healthy stewardship of the overall funds.
6. No board member can be financially compensated (except for operational expenses).
7. Only 5% of all donations are retained for administrative expenses like insurances, supplies,
8. 95% of all donations goes towards the intended donation
9. The ability for donors to designate a specific cause

Finally, our passion is to be a beacon of light to local Arizona communities, so that first responder organizations can provide their services even better. Our bottom line goal is to: help these heroes help you. Consider joining us as we grow to better serve Arizona.

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