How to Partner

We are constantly looking for new partnerships to advance our cause. Here are three different ways you can get involved:

  • First responder departments. We first would like to talk with dept. leaders, such as police or fire chief, or sheriff, or department heads. We like to talk with you about your largest needs for public support and talk to you about what current strategies you have to fill those needs. We then will talk with you about our advantages, plus the integrity characteristics of the agreement and finally discuss if the partnership is a suitable match for your department.
  • Donations, philanthropists, contributors & constituents. For donors, etc: we want to partner with those that have experience and interest in giving funds to the first responders entities and causes that improve community. We understand your passion to help and we understand that you have available funds that you would like to use in a very healthy, life-changing manner. We are able to work with both financial donations and in-kind donations (like the donation of services and/or gifts of products of value).
  • Volunteers. Volunteers are needed at three different levels:
    •      Event volunteers such as fund raisers. Occasionally we will participate at large events and we will need you to assist us at the event. Many times, the functions are very fun and festive.
    •      Committee member. To assist a certain aspect of the board in its function and growth. This could be in the area of marketing, or social media, or community relations, ect.
    •      Board member. As a board member you will assist the foundation in its leadership direction. To attend monthly meetings and participate in votes and decisions.

We are encouraged by our future possibilities and we want you to call about coming along.

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