The Arizona Public Safety Foundation, Inc. first originated in Pinal County, founded in 2007 as the Pinal County Justice Foundation. A group of first responders, working in the county, came together with the concern of how they could better organize the funds they were raising from donors, businesses and constituents for their departments. They were able to find donors that wanted to support their cause, but the management of the funds needed a more organized and integrity based system. They were continually faced with the question of how are donations tracked and how can donations be received as a tax deduction? The answer was simple: they needed to start a 501(c)(3) foundation and that was how the foundation was first formed.

As the foundation took off and grew, other counties took interest and therefore the Foundation self adjusted itself to be able to serve other counties by changing its name and its boundaries. In 2010, in order to accommodate the entire state of Arizona it changed its name to Arizona Public Safety Foundation, Inc.